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Return Policy

Last Updated: April 29, 2024

Any iLet Bionic Pancreas device (“iLet”) that was purchased from one of Beta Bionics, Inc. (“Beta”) authorized distributors may be returned to Beta only for the following reasons: (1) if the customer experiences an issue covered by the warranty during the applicable warranty period (which is set forth in the iLet user guide), then Beta will repair or replace the iLet as provided under the applicable warranty, or (2) If the customer discovers that the iLet is not suited for the customer based on a valid, good faith medical reason which has been confirmed by the customer’s physician, then Beta or the authorized distributor will accept the return of the iLet and provide a refund to the customer and/or its insurance company for the amount actually paid for the iLet.  A return will be honored after the initial thirty (30) day period and up to ninety (90) days after the iLet has shipped from an authorized distributor and only if the customer has completed iLet training from a Certified iLet Trainer. Completing training from a Certified iLet Trainer ensures the customer understands the iLet technology, which can lead to a positive experience with the iLet. Beta is not able to accept returns on iLet or supplies that were purchased through pharmacy or pharmacy benefit.

Beta will not accept return for any iLet that is not based on one of the two reasons above. To assure prompt handling when returning an iLet, the customer must obtain a returned materials authorization (RMA) number from Beta’s or its authorized distributor’s Support Department. Beta’s Support Team can be contacted by phone at 1-855-745-3800 (press 1 for Support) or by email at

This RMA number must be clearly written on the outer box. If Beta or the authorized distributor provides a label, the label must be attached or taped to the outer box. If no label is provided, Beta recommends shipping via insured ground service with a tracking number. Beta is not responsible for lost or damaged packages.

Returns pre-authorized by Beta’s authorized distributors should be sent to the distributor authorizing the return, unless other instructions are provided.

Returns made without the RMA number will be returned to the customer, freight collect. This policy is subject to applicable law.

All returns pre-authorized by Beta should be sent to:

Beta Bionics, Inc.
ATTN: Customer Returns
11 Hughes
Irvine, CA 92618

Changes to this Return Policy: Beta Bionics may change this Return Policy from time to time by posting an updated version on our website.


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