Our team

Meet the ‘who’ behind the ‘what’ we do.

At Beta Bionics, we’re a people-focused company here to serve the wider diabetes community.

As you’d expect, we’ve got incredible technical expertise and skills on our team to enable us to do that. But just as important, our people are a great bunch of human beings too. All committed and passionate in helping our community live fuller, more enjoyable lives.

Our leadership team

Board Members

Amanda Black

Farallon Capital Management

Board Member

Sean Carney

Hillhouse Capital

Board Member

Parker Cassidy

Sands Capital

Board Member

Ed Damiano

Beta Bionics

Founder and Chairman

Francesco Draetta

Omega Funds

Board Member

Wes Dupray

Eventide Investments

Board Member

Gilad Glick

Venture Investments, J&J

Board Member

Lennox Ketner

Soleus Capital

Board Member

Adam Lezack

Fortis Advisors

Board Member

Sean Saint

Beta Bionics

Chief Executive Officer & Board Member

Board observers

Michael Altman

Perceptive Life

Saoussen Ben Halima

Omega Funds

Christy Jones

Richmond Capital Partners

Finny Kuruvilla

Eventide Asset Management

Jake Merrill

Sands Capital

Maria Palasis

Lyra Therapeutics

Harish Soundararajan

Marshall Wace

Naveen Yalamanchi

RTW Funds

Ready to GO BIONIC?

The iLet Bionic Pancreas automatically adjusts to your insulin needs so you don’t have to.