Our Commitment

How we roll.

A mission like ours can’t be delivered by an ordinary company. So thankfully, we aren’t one.

At Beta Bionics, we see things in a different way.

We believe it’s not just what you do, it’s also the way you do things that counts.

Ours is a simple, honest philosophy based on fulfilling the needs of those we serve to enhance and improve their everyday lives. So, we’re big on putting people first and pleased to stand out from the crowd in doing that.

In fact, we’re so committed to this philosophy that we did the ‘un-ordinary’ thing of incorporating as a public benefit company and becoming a Certified B Corporation. This corporate structure shows our dedication to representing the diabetes community.

As a B-corp, we’re committed to taking the responsibility and accountability for our actions and to maintain transparency with all our stakeholders and consumers.

Our positive impact.

Our commitment goes beyond striving to improve A1C and time in range and seeks to address the burden of managing T1D.

Clinical trials and manuscripts are essential, but our true impact will be measured by the number of lives we can positively improve and transform with our technology.

This is what drives us forward. It’s our commitment to keep innovating and offering the latest advances in type 1 diabetes management – as efficiently and as responsibly as possible.

Because we’re a public benefit corporation,
our stakeholders have a greater say.

Beta Bionics is proud to be a public benefit corporation. Essentially, this involves having a business legal structure set in place to ensure that we’re committed to our public benefit mission and take a balanced perspective on the impact of our decisions on multiple stakeholders.

In simple terms, we’re committed to balancing the needs of our customers in the diabetes community with the needs of the business. Which means that you, your kids, your mom and anyone else living with diabetes have a seat at the table of our decision-making.

Our public benefit mission is:

To provide a solution for safe and effective autonomous glycemic control.

To bring our technology to as many people living with diabetes as possible – as quickly, and as responsibly as possible.

To continue to innovate in the diabetes space – and offer our latest advances as soon as we can responsibly do so.

To act in the best possible interest of the diabetes community – in connection with fulfilling our corporate functions.

Being a B Corp – what it means to us and the people we serve.

In 2015, we decided to become a certified B Corporation in the diabetes space. This involved jumping through a few technical hoops along the way, but we were cool with that. After all, we believe the higher standards we must demonstrate in holding this status shows our commitment to our people and the people we serve.

Being a B Corp means we’re now certified by the independent body B Lab® to ensure we meet the highest social and environmental performance standards, public transparency, and use business as a force for good.

At Beta Bionics, we believe this makes all the difference to the way we do business and allows us to move more swiftly in helping bring about a healthier, happier diabetes community.


Annual benefit
corporation reports.

Part of our open culture is the publication of our annual reports.
So here they are. Just select the one you want to see and click to download your copy.








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