John Costik

Director of Mobile Systems Development

John Costik joined Beta Bionics from The University of Rochester Medical Center, where he was the Lead Software Developer at the Center for Clinical Innovation. John led the development of clinical and research software tools that focused on efficient, user-friendly data collection and novel artificial intelligence applications. John is the co-creator of Nightscout. Nightscout is an open source diabetes management & remote monitoring system used by over 10,000 people worldwide. Prior to his work in the diabetes and medical spaces, he was a systems engineer at Eastman Kodak and a Software Engineer for Wegmans Food Market’s Customer Technology group. John holds a Bachelors of Science in Applied Arts & Sciences from the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he graduated cum laude.

What drew you to work in the diabetes industry?

When my son, Evan was diagnosed with Type 1 in 2012 at age 4, I immediately realized the tools and technologies being used to manage his condition were lacking… a lack of standards to facilitate data collection and analysis, closed systems with poor or decade old designs were all we had to choose from. It was disheartening, but I’ve been too impatient to sit idly by and wait for products someone else thinks we need. The system we created to improve Evan’s care and quality of life would later become the start of the Nightscout project, which would grow to an industry-altering movement to put patient needs first and accelerate innovation. A desire to make even larger strides and to help as many people as possible has led me to make improving Type 1 care my full-time job.

Why did you choose to work at Beta Bionics?

I first read about Ed Damiano three days after Evan’s diagnosis, and to say his story and goals resonated with me would be a massive understatement. I cried at the thought of a truly a closed loop system for Evan and followed Ed and his team's progress closely from that day on. When the first iLet prototype was unveiled with an elegant UI from my friends at Tidepool, I got even more excited - when the opportunity to join the team presented itself in early 2017, it was a dream come true.

What is the most rewarding part about working at Beta Bionics?

I love working at Beta Bionics! The people are amazing & fun, and working on the iLet system brings all of my past work and education into fine focus. On any given day there is a need for artistry, attention to detail and a deep understanding of system interactions. I call upon my ability to work the full software stack, and it all comes together with an appreciation for the needs and experiences of individuals (and their loved ones) living with type 1 diabetes. I am able to use all of my skills to help build a system with the potential to change my son’s life and the lives of millions like him. It is a blessing to find work that is driven completely by a passion to help people you love, and to work with people so full of love only amplifies that incredible feeling.

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