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Beta Bionics is a for-profit, public benefit corporation and Certified B Corporation™

Since founding Beta Bionics in 2015, our mission has been to help improve health outcomes and the quality of life of all children and adults living with diabetes and other conditions of glycemic dysregulation.


How can I invest in Beta Bionics?

Beta Bionics is not currently seeking private investment and does not broadly solicit individual investment.

How can I make a donation to Beta Bionics?

Beta Bionics is a private, for profit, public benefit corporation. If you are seeking to make a donation, we suggest donating to a non-profit organization that supports the type 1 diabetes community.

I invested via Wefunder and would like to know how my investment is doing?

We are working very hard at Beta Bionics to bring our technology through regulatory approval to people with type 1 diabetes. You can follow our development work on our web site and via social media.

Can I sell my shares in Beta Bionics?

Privately held shares in Beta Bionics are not liquid or tradeable on any public stock exchange at this time. Additionally, Beta Bionics shares are not tradeable privately at this time. While this may change in the future, there are no currently available avenues through which to liquidate an investment in Beta Bionics.

When will shares be available for purchase?

At this time, there are no Beta Bionics shares available for purchase on any stock exchange or by any private means. We are very pleased to have strong institutional investor support to complement our 2016 Reg CF investor community. While the Reg CF was a fundraising strategy the company utilized early on, we do not foresee any future share offerings via Regulation Crowdfunding.


Annual reg CF

Part of our open culture is the publication of our annual reports.
So here they are. Just select the one you want to see and click to download your copy.

Reg CF Report 2016


Reg CF Report 2017


Reg CF Report 2018


Reg CF Report 2019


Reg CF Report 2020


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