Gibb Clarke

Chief Financial Officer

Gibb Clarke is a seasoned executive with extensive experience in both health care and medical device markets. As CFO, Gibb is responsible for the financial performance of the company 


Gibb was an early member of and Director at the Swedish Neuroscience Institute, a neuroscience center of excellence. Subsequently, Gibb co-founded three additional companies: Pulsar Vascular (acquired by Johnson & Johnson), Blockade Medical (acquired by Balt Medical), and Three Rivers Medical where he recently served as Chief Executive Officer. Throughout his career, Gibb has had significant experience in corporate formation and fundraising, investor relations, device design & development, and commercial operations. Gibb has travelled the globe to work with various commercial partners as well as to train customers on newly approved technologies. Gibb is an avid outdoorsman and holds degrees from Duke University (MBA) and University of Colorado (BA) in political science.

What drew you to work in the diabetes industry?

When I look at healthcare in the US and abroad, I cannot avoid the reality that diabetes, in all forms, is not well managed. There are few conditions with such a large and growing patient population to address where the current standard of patient care is simply not adequate. I see a tremendous opportunity to have an impact on a patient population and the families that live with this condition.

Why did you choose to work at Beta Bionics?

I was introduced to Ed Damiano in the Fall of 2014. At the time, Ed was looking to make some strategic decisions about the future of the bionic pancreas and how best to structure the iLet technology into a company that would lead to a commercial product. I have been involved with the team since that time. Ed’s passion and the vision for a better solution to type 1 diabetes treatment caught my attention in a profound way. Since then, the product development & clinical trial results has only bolstered my belief that Beta Bionics is working to transform the diabetes community. I am proud to contribute in any way I can.

What is the most rewarding part about working at Beta Bionics?

It is impossible to boil this question down to a single sound bite. The passion, the technology, the team, the ability and desire to think differently, our Public Benefit Corporation structure…I could go on. The ultimate reward, however, will be to see the iLet on patients and to transform the lives of those living with type 1 diabetes.

CAUTION: The iLet® bionic pancreas is an investigational device limited by Federal (or United States) law to investigational use. Not available for sale.

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