Ed Raskin

VP, Public Benefit Development & Corporate Strategy

In addition to his role as a Vice President and director on the Beta Bionics Board, Ed Raskin is also a partner in Kassinove & Raskin LLP, which he founded with Dr. Andrew Kassinove, MD/JD in 2009, to defend and advise companies in the healthcare industry. At Beta Bionics, Ed is responsible for developing and aligning the company’s business goals and objectives with its public benefit structure, social mission and B Corp certification. In addition, he helps implement strategies for maximizing collaboration and relationships with strategic business partners and investors around the world. Ed’s son Max was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 7 and is the motivation for his work at Beta Bionics.

What drew you to work in the diabetes industry?

Type 1 diabetes touched my family when our son Max was diagnosed at age 7. We had absolutely no family history of T1D, so the diagnosis came as a total surprise to all of us. As is the case for so many families touched by T1D, the process of beginning to understand what our new lives would look like was harsh. There was a lot of crying and feeling of impending danger and darkness. I wanted so badly to take the condition away from Max, but as all t1d parents know — we can’t. It is a terrible feeling. While we can’t take this condition away from our loved ones, I’ve tried to direct my frustration with T1D into something positive.

Why did you choose to work at Beta Bionics?

With a background in law, it isn’t surprising that I am drawn to evidence. In my view, the evidentiary results that the bionic pancreas achieves in clinical trials, which are then published the highest quality peer-reviewed journals is unmatched. When I saw the data, I knew the bionic pancreas was something I could get behind because it was real, tested, and not mysterious or elusive. For me, a biological cure sounds great, but I have not yet seen any evidence that one exists or will exist in the short term. The bionic pancreas is here and achievable now (with lots of hard work).

What is the most rewarding part about working at Beta Bionics?

It is one thing to work on the most cutting-edge technology in automated glucose control, but to do it side-by-side with the best humans I have ever met is just over the top. Add to that, Ed and Firas are totally committed to building a public benefit corporate model for the medical device. This is cutting edge in corporate structure and corporate citizenship. The experience is soulful and heartwarming. I wish type 1 diabetes never hit us, but given that it did — working at Beta Bionics is about the best silver lining I can think of.

CAUTION: The iLet® bionic pancreas is an investigational device limited by Federal (or United States) law to investigational use. Not available for sale.

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