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About Our Benefit Corporation

Our commitment is first and foremost to the type 1 diabetes (T1D) community.


Beta Bionics is proud to be a Massachusetts public benefit corporation. We believe we are one of the first, if not the first medical device company to be doing business as a benefit corporation, and we’re fairly certain that Beta Bionics is the first company to do so in the diabetes space. We believe our status as a public benefit corporation is going to make all the difference in the way we do business and, ultimately, will result in a healthier and happier T1D community. 


Here’s why: 


Traditional corporations have one master: returning money to shareholders.  That’s no secret and its pretty well established.  Beta Bionics is different because our master is you, your kid (our kids), or another loved one that is living with diabetes -- it says so right in our founding corporate documents and we mean it.  In fact, we have a member of our board of directors whose sole job is to make sure we remember to consider our public benefit mission in every decision we make.  You might know him. Chances are that if you have ever been to a Friends for Life conference, you have met Jeff Hitchcock, the director of the non-profit Children with Diabetes.


This is our public benefit mission:



We know that if we pursue our public benefit mission, everybody wins. So far, our investors love our structure. If they don't, we don't want them as investors, it's as simple as that.


Separate from our legal structure under Massachusetts law, Beta Bionics has voluntarily elected to become a certified B Corporation through B LabRight now we are in pending status because we are so new, but we hope to be fully certified shortly after our one-year anniversary under B Lab’s certification rules and assessments.  By working with B Lab, we will achieve higher standards of transparency, accountability, sustainability and performance. We'd love to hear your thoughts about our model and public mission. Reach out to us if you can. 


Read our 2015 Annual Benefit Report

To act in the best possible interest of the T1D community in connection with fulfilling the Beta Bionics' corporate functions.


To continue to innovate and to offer the latest advances as expeditiously and responsibly as possible; and


To bring Beta Bionics' technology to as many people with T1D as possible in an expeditious and responsible manner;


To provide and to protect Beta Bionics' turnkey solutions for safe and effective autonomous glycemic control;